In the past, website creation has been confusing and designers have been notoriously absent in the day to day changes that sometimes need to be made as your business or organization changes and grows.  As the internet has evolved and grown, there are now new opportunities to allow businesses and organizations to work alongside the designer to be a team member in the success of their site.

The sites found on this page were developed in WordPress and offer the client the opportunity to make changes they need with nothing more than a computer, smartphone, or a tablet and an internet connection.  The user-friendly interface gives you the power to make significant changes or to make very simple changes depending on the authorization allowed.

WordPress sites give you the ability to connect to social media sites, update through email, or to create posts that launch on a day and time you determine in addition to offering powerful SEO to allow your site to have the exposure it deserves and needs.

Inzane Designs also gives you the ability to develop a mobile site that is compatible across most smart phone platforms.

The sites placed on this page give you an idea of the different options you can explore and implement on your own site.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote.